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What's New

Nov 2nd, 2018
Synkom’s proposed theme adopted by AI promotion projects of NEDO

NEDO has launched two new research and development projects focusing on AI Chips and Next Generation Computing and Open to Public Collaboration -Aiming to Achieve Connected Industries-.
NEDO adopted the theme we proposed.
*NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development organization)

Oct 31st, 2018
Termination of several services

Synkom has finished handling services of EDA on Cloud, EDA tool and Analog IP on October 31, 2018.
Each service will be handled by “Xloud Inc.”
Please make future inquiries at Xloud Inc.

Sep 12th, 2018
Associate Professor Nakahara wins prize for The Best Engineers Lecture at DSF 2018

At Design Solution Forum 2018, held at PACIFICO Yokohama on September 12th, Mr. Nakahara, Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, won The Best Engineers Lecture Award. Mr. Nakahara has collaborated with Synkom on Edge AI Solutions.

Jan 1st, 2017
EDA tools from Incentia Design Systems, Inc. are now available on “EDA on Cloud”

EDA tools including logic synthesis and static timing analysis tools from Incentia Design Systems are now available on our Pay-Per-Use licensing service, “EDA on Cloud”.


Synkom is your best semiconductor partner company.
We contribute to improving productivity and reducing cost by providing a global view of EDA, IP and Design Service.
Reinforcing your company’s business competitiveness is our mission.

Real-time Object Dection Demo on FPGA
XILINX zu3eg FPGA on Ultra96
(Hardware Utilization < 50%)

Edge AI Solutions

Edge AI is the technology that processes AI algorithms on the local hardware devices, not on cloud.
Synkom provides low-cost Edge AI solutions with our highly optimized neural network compression techniques and FPGA implementation expertise.

Design Service

We have various engineers with expertise and advanced partners with a unique technology.
Synkom can solve resource problems and help reinforce technical capacity for your development of SoC, AMS and IoT devices.

Offshoring Consulting

Synkom helps your attempts to offshore any phase of LSI design. While offshoring enables reduction of a part of design cost, it sometimes fails because of the difficulty of managing and hiring engineers.
We are confident we can lead to success in deploying your design work abroad with our global channel and experience.