Synkom is your best semiconductor partner company.

We contribute to improving productivity and reducing cost by providing a global view of EDA, IP and Design Service.

Reinforcing your company's business competitiveness is our mission.

EDA on Cloud

"EDA on Cloud" provides a pay-per-use design environment.

You don't need to own CPU servers or EDA licenses. You can use them anytime and anywhere you want.
EDA on Cloud enables you to reduce EDA cost and to shorten the design TAT with massive parallel jobs.

"EDA on Cloud" is the perfect choice to enlarge your business possibilities.

EDA Tools

While EDA is indispensable for designing LSI, its cost is becoming to be a burden for companies.

Synkom is a distributor who has expertise in EDA and also a design house who knows the burden of EDA cost.

We provide cost effective EDA tools for AMS design, SoC design, ASIP design and ESL design.

Analog IPs

Needless to say, adopting Intellectual Property (IP) is effective for improving productivity, but analog IP is expensive and unportable.

Synkom provides not only silicon proved IPs, but also a service for migrating designs to other processes.

Our IP solution enables customers to improve design productivity and reduce total development cost.

Design Service

We have various engineers with expertise and advanced partners with a unique technology.

Synkom can solve resource problems and help reinforce technical capacity for your development of SoC, AMS and IoT devices.

Offshoring Consulting

Synkom helps your attempts to offshore any phase of LSI design. While offshoring enables reduction of a part of design cost, it sometimes fails because of the difficulty of managing and hiring engineers.

We are confident we can lead to success in deploying your design work abroad with our global channel and experience.

What's New

Synkom was established in July 2004, and we had our 12th anniversary this year.
We will continue creating new value by anticipating the future needs of customers.

Jan 1st, 2017
EDA tools from Incentia Design Systems, Inc. are now available on “EDA on Cloud”

EDA tools including logic synthesis and static timing analysis tools from Incentia Design Systems are now available on our Pay-Per-Use licensing service, "EDA on Cloud".

Oct 3rd, 2016
TGS2016 in Japan at InterContinental Tokyo Bay Hotel on Nov. 1st

TowerJazz and TPSCo’s (Panasonic TowerJazz Semiconductor Co., Ltd.) will provide the opportunity to learn about their extended and advanced technology offerings across all of their specialty analog business units such as RF/HPA, CMOS image sensors, power management, and others.
We will introduce the EDA/IP products, EDA on Cloud service, and design services in our exhibition booth as a sponsor.
Join us to learn more about our extended and advanced technology offering & unique manufacturing capabilities!

Oct 3rd, 2016
Enjoy more and more our all new website

Synkom opened website adding new facility of customer support.
Our website helps visitors learn more about Synkom and serve as points of departure for collaboration between engineers inside and outside Synkom and customers.